Women Cultural & Social Society

In 52 years our organization changed its emphasis in response to the needs of Kuwait society.

At the foundation in 1962, women empowerment required the reduction of women illiteracy, vocational training and the establishment of child day care centers to help young working women which was transformed in late   nineties to specialized center for children with speech disabilities(Al Bustan Nursery).

As the development continued it was essential for theKuwaiti women movement to communicate with other women around the women around the world. So our members attended and participated in Wracati Project, the society became a member of the Arab Women Union, and leads the formation of the Gulf Joint WomenCommittee, locally the Society through its Cultural Programbecame very active in organizing Forums and Conferences on important issues related to Kuwaiti Women or the society as a whole, with participation of Arab international Speakers Men and Women.  At present the society is preparing to hold a 2 days Forum on Women as Judges.

The Society was very active in relief Projects mainly outside Kuwait. We supported victims of natural disasters and war as in Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and others. And internationally we participated in rehabilitation Projects in Kosovo, Iran and Japan. We are still supporting Palestinian inside Palestine through joint committee with the Graduate Society “Kuwaiti for Al Quds- Jerusalem”.

In the eighties, there was an exceptional population growth which increase the number of people requiring assistance, mainly non Kuwaitis, so the Society established the Zakat Committee, then recently Scholarship Committee and developed a Health care Fund ( from the 80’s  ).

The Society has a Health Program which aimed at women’s health awareness and runs Two Clubs:

  • The Hope Club in the Cancer Center.
  • The Friend Club in the Mantel Health Center.

At the same time in the 80’s, we started to defend one of the most important constitutional Women’s Rights, the Women Political Rights, we got it in 2005, with the help of UN Women we held training courses to enable Women to participate in election as candidates, voters, and now we are organizing a 2nd one for the coming election. In early 90’s we recognized the need to help Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis, the Society through its Social Program did a great deal to defend the Civil rights of their Family members and at present we have formed a joint committee of 10 NGOs to work on this issue.

We also have joint projects with UN Organizations. Example is Warcati Project, aim to enlighten Women on their civil rights using Information Technology. (it w’s as a joint project with UNDP, and now phase 2 is the Society project.

One of our recent projects in the field of Violence AgainstWomen and Children. Because until now there is no law or shelters to protect victims of social or family violence.

In the Society, we encourage young people to participate in Kuwait development, so we have 7 different groups working within our premises. These are: A Swimming school for children, a Fitness Center, Arabic language tutoring center, a cultural groups; a group that defend the Kuwaiti constitution and a Social youth groups (young men and women)

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